Laura Callaghan

After receiving her degree in Outdoor Recreation and Education, Laura traveled West from Ohio.  The greater Yellowstone ecosystem has been her home ever since.  She loves being outside and especially loves learning new things about the outdoors.  The immense geological and human history that surrounds the park fascinates her.  There is always something new to learn!  Watching a geyser erupt or a mud pot boil always leaves her in awe.  Over the last seven years, she has led tours in Yellowstone National Park, on the Gallatin River in Montana, the Crazy Mountain Range of Montana, Tennessee, and North Carolina. To quote Laura, "the best part of my job is having the opportunity to share my passion of the outdoors with others."

Mikala Kearney

A professionally trained guide and outdoor-enthusiast, Mikala has been exploring Yellowstone National Park as a guest since 2013 and will now be guiding you on your journey through this magical place, showing you her favorite places and giving you the opportunity to make them your own.  Prior to living in the Yellowstone region, she lived outside of Rocky Mountain National Park, where she developed a great love for the National Park system and a desire to explore all of the parks.  To date, she has visited 14 National Parks and will not stop until all 58 have filled their place in her heart.