Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the Park Entrance Fee?

Adults (16 and up) are $20/day.  Children (15 and under) are free.  However, your "Golden Age Pass" or "Interagency Pass" is valid for 4 adult entries into the park.  

Standard gratuity is 15-20%.

What is normal gratuity for the guide?

ARe the tours kid friendly?


What are the advantages of a tour versus visiting the park on our own?

There are many advantages of a tour versus exploring the park on your own.  The best way to learn is by interaction and conversation.  With a guide, you are able to ask questions and get additional clarification that a book or sign does not provide.  Being on a tour provides a relaxing way to view the park.  You do not have to worry about where to park, where to stop, or if you are turning the right way.  A guide is also able to show you many features and stops that you may have overlooked.  


Each tour is about 8-10 hours from pick-up to drop-off.  Usually 8am-6pm from Big Sky and 9am-5pm from West Yellowstone.

How much walking will we do?

We will design private tours to your desires and abilities! We can walk many miles or almost none. 

Typically, we walk 2-4 miles on easy terrain such as boardwalks or sidewalks.  

are half day tours available?

Yellowstone National Park is 2.2 million acres.  Due to the distance between features, half day tours are not available.  

What if it is raining the day of my tour?

Yellowstone is beautiful in all weather conditions! All tours run rain or shine.  No refunds for inclement weather.

What determines the stops on the tour?

Our guides customize each trip to you.  We will work with you to design the best day for the group.

CAn we eat at a restaurant instead of a picnic lunch?

Yes.  However, restaurants take a lot of time out of the day.  We recommend the picnic lunch in order to maximize our time to see the wonders of Yellowstone.

Can we swim in Yellowstone national park?

If time allows, we are happy to stop at the Firehole River for a quick swim.  We are not able to soak in any of the thermal features.

what is in the picnic lunch?

We have water and sodas available in the van.  The lunch (from a local deli in Big Sky) includes a sandwich, apple, chips, and a cookie. 


We travel in Ford Transit Passenger Wagons.  It has 14 passenger seats plus the driver/guide.